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Sorwe's Employee Engagement Platform is the perfect tool for creating and launching employee engagement surveys.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can create surveys tailored to your business in minutes, and get the insights you need to improve employee engagement and retention.

  • You can use our pre-built customisable templates
  • Or create your own templates
  • Define teams to make sure correct surveys are sent out to relevant employees
  • Send reminders to employees who haven't finished the survey
  • Take advantage of our instant reports to analyse survey results

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Engagement Survey Templates

  • Sorwe's Employee Engagement Platform offers a variety of engagement survey template designs that can be easily modified to fit your specific needs.
  • If you're not satisfied with any of our pre-built templates, you can easily create your own custom templates to better suit your needs.
  • You can create surveys for different teams in your organization in order to get feedback about specific areas that need improvement. This way, you can focus on making the necessary changes in those areas in order to create a better work environment for everyone.

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Improve Employee Participation Using Sorwe's Mobile First Approach

  • With Sorwe's mobile app, employees can take surveys at their convenience without feeling pressured to do them all at once or in a timely manner.
  • Employees will receive an app notification and email alert when a new survey has been shared with them.
  • You can easily send reminders to employees who have not yet finished or even started the survey.
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Create & Launch Employee Engagement Surveys in 5 Minutes